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Join Us [Software Engineer]

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Job Description:

Experienced JAVA engineer required to work for multiple Science Ground Segments. This a technical post with a good communication and coordination element.


The objective is to support the development of the Science Data Processing Projects by designing, implementing, testing and documenting data analysis packages written in Java and Jython.


This software will be developed jointly between GST and other science teams, with GST providing the framework within which the science teams can develop and optimize instrument-specific data reduction algorithms. The Data Processing Systems may be distributed to the astronomical community.


Specific tasks include:

  • Development and maintenance of data accessing packages
  • Development and maintenance of data structures, including accessing them locally and from object oriented and relational databases
  • Development and maintenance of graphical libraries
  • Development and maintenance of framework that permits both interactively and automatic data processing
  • Development and maintenance of means to visualise various projections of one-, two- and three-dimensional data in various coordinate systems
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) maintenance and development
  • System testing, including its performance aspects
  • Writing and maintenance of documentation


Specific qualification requirements:

  • A university degree in computer science, physics, electronic engineering, or equivalent.


Specific knowledge is required in the following areas:

  • Several years of relevant experience in general software development and software engineering.
  • Programming languages: JAVA
  • Unix based systems (Linux or Mac)
  • Configuration control system: CVS/SVN
  • Object Oriented design methods
  • Eagerness to embrace new concepts and methods is an advantage
  • Knowledge of Jython is an advantage
  • Knowledge of data structures is an advantage
  • Knowledge of GUI development is an advantage
  • Knowledge of process communication is an advantage
  • Knowledge of Eclipse RCP is an advantage
  • Knowledge of Maven/Ant is an advantage
  • Knowledge of XTCE is an advantage
  • Experience to write user documentation is an advantage
  • Knowledge of using Object Oriented and Relational Data base systems is an advantage
  • Experience in scientific/astronomical data reduction systems is an advantage.


Experience in interacting with the science community would be an advantage. The selected contractors must be willing operate in a team environment and to travel. Good interpersonal and communication skills are an advantage.


It is foreseen that the candidates may have to travel to ESA establishments and PI institutes, approximately 2 times per year.


The working language is English.


Further Details:

All roles within GSegment Space Technologies, Inc. have a defined closing date, however if a successful candidate is found before the advert expires the role will be closed early. We would therefore advise any candidate to apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Join us [internships]

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Your features:

  1. Physics, mathematics, computer science or related majors (undergraduate, master and doctor)
  2. Interest in space, astronomy, etc. devote to these domains’ which relate to previous mentioned engineer design, development or science research with passion
  3. Familiar with certain kind of programming language, formal paper writing experience
  4. Good at English (French, German are also welcome), reading English frequently.

If you think you’ve got several features as we described above, welcome to GSegment, and get a internship. Please send your resume to?Support [at]

Work Characteristics:

  1. Participation in the overall analysis, design, and development on space ground segment system
  2. Work with ESA/NASA software engineer
  3. Go abroad twice per year, visit international top universities and lab.
  4. Flexible work time, after you familiar with our work, you can work at least 3 days every week
  5. Almost sure that your work will directly help a certain future Nobel Prize winner.

Send your resume:?Support [at]



    Join us [Programmer | Technical Writer]

    Friday, November 26th, 2010


    Your Features:

    1. Curious, willing to change
    2. Technology enthusiasts
    3. Proficient in Java or Python languages, have agile development experience. Or good at writing technical articles, many writing formal papers (both Chinese and English) experience
    4. Interested in space or astronomy
    5. Able to work independently, but also enjoy the teamwork
    6. Great English, if you know some French or German, it would be better.
    7. If you think you’ve got several features as we described above, welcome to join us. Please send your resume to:?Support [at]

    Work Characteristics:

    1. Work with the NASA / ESA software engineers
    2. Twice a year to visit top international universities and laboratories
    3. Flexible working hours, at least 3 days a week, if you’re familiar with our work.
    4. Almost sure that your work will directly help a certain future Nobel Prize winners

    Try To Solve This Problem:

    Write file-based storage Key (integer)-Value (string) data tools,
    1. Complete new entries and key-based retrieval, delete and other basic functions.
    2. Key is an integer, value as string, data entry in the 100-100K,
    3. Thread-safe, multi-thread access
    4. Except JDK class library, don’t use other class library, it is recommended to spend <16 hours to complete (that means do not have to make it too complicated)
    5. Please outline your storage space, performance optimization on the design consideration, it is recommended to provide supporting JUnit test code.
    6. Other deficiencies, please try to make reasonable assumptions, if it must be clarified, please send an e-mail